Our Vision

Our goal with G3 Golf is to grow the game of golf all across the world - to the point where G3 Golf is present in every city in every country across the world.  We envision having 36 hole Championship layouts created and built by Huxham Golf Design in every city and as a central point in our G3 Communities , each complete with a NuVoWay LifeStyle Centre.

The central focus of G3 Golf is the organizing of 'how' golf is delivered to local markets.  Our G3 Golf Professionals/Club Directors will be the perfect link between every golfer or potential golfer and everything golf - in their local market as well as the wider golf scene.

At every club and in every market G3 Golf Professionals/Club Directors will offer a complete array of services for every golfer - 9 hole events late afternoon every weekday. 18 hole events 3 or 4 days/week for golfers of all skill levels, instructional programs featuring private, semi private and group lessons as well as clinics.  In addition at each club we will have a full junior program.

It all starts in Montreal! (click on red writing for information about Montreal)  For 2025 we will be introducing G3 Golf into the Montreal market with the expectation that we will have in excess of 100 G3 Golf Professionals down to every golf club and practice facility across the Territory.

For 2026 we will expand rapidly - to 50 major markets in North America.  For 2027 we will expand once again to another 50 world markets.  With this accomplished we will now have the presence to host a true G3 Golf World Championship in Myrtle Beach, SC featuring 10,000 golfers over 100 golf courses.  In addition with the number of G3 Handicapped people growing across the world, we will introduce something which may be the greatest ever aid to growing the game of golf worldwide, G3 Golf One World Golf Tour.

Please take a look through the following document in order to see the progression we plan for each Territory:

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G3 Golf One World Golf Tour

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