One world. One handicap. All golfers.

The Vision 2025 +

Looking into the future (2025+) I see in excess of 200 world markets where G3 Golf has implanted and is thriving - 120 North American markets and 80 world markets.

I see a G3 Golf World Championships over 100 golf courses in October in Myrtle Beach,  with 10,000 golfers representing each of the 200 G3 Golf locations across the world.

I see the G3 Golf One World Tour being played by in excess of 500,000 G3 Golf members vying for millions in prize money.

How do we get there?

Montreal 2025

  • upwards of 100 ʻclubsʼ (clubs without real estate) operated by G3 Golf Pros, each endeavoring to build their memberships to upwards of 1000 members.  By hitting these targets we will have in excess of 100,000 golfers involved in G3 Golf activities for 2025.
  • Introduction of the G3 Golf One World Golf Tour, where every competitor needs an official G3 Golf Handicap.

North America 2026

Following successful implementation in Montreal, I see: 

  • development across 50 major centers throughout North America.
  • G3 Golf North American Championships featuring 10,000 players over 100 courses in Myrtle Beach, October 2023. 

World 2027+

  • Continued growth of G3 Golf to more locations across North America and the world in keeping with the goal to be in over 100 markets for 2027+.
  • G3 Golf World Championships in Myrtle Beach, October 2022, 2026, and onwards...


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